Thinking Like GOD vs Indoctrination Pt 2

Published on August 17, 2016 by admin

Thinking Like GOD vs Indoctrination 2

Why isn’t your potential been unleashed? Why is it that in your imagination you see your self striving, but in life you some times feel like you’re drowning?

I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but you’ve been “PROGRAMMED”. In fact, we have all been programmed to think things that for the most parts contradict and limit what GOD thinks and says about us, and this my friend, has been happening from the moment we were born.

Our parents’ teachings, teachers, friends, schools, neighborhoods, the Media, and the things that have happened to us have played a huge part in brainwashing us (telling us who we are) into the person we are today, and that’s where the problem lies. ONLY YOUR DAD IN YOU can tell/show you who you REALLY ARE and show you what you’re capable of, and allowing GOD to do that is what GROWING is all about.

If we’re gonna let GOD help us be (and manifest) who we really are, then we must allowing HIM to change (renew/make new constantly) our minds with all its mindsets. That means bringing our thought, ideas, things we’ve been taught to think, the whole programming we’ve receive since childhood, and our opinions to HIM to be challenged, corrected, and even completely destroyed if necessary.

I define “renewing your mind” as growing into Christ, going from thinking like a mere human being, to think like GOD (or thinking like a god), as thinking like a SON, not like a servant, thinking like a saint, not a sinner, thinking like a NEW man, not like an old one, and believing (imagining) like a child, not like a “grown up robot”.

In these videos, I wanna touch on some of these stuff. I hope they are of help in your relationship with DAD, and in your discovery and growth of who you really are 🙂

Lets begin thinking like GOD, much love to you! -R.G.