School Of Sonship SOS – Spirit Traveling

Published on August 17, 2016 by admin

This is a simple teaching my bro Eric Wilding and I did on spirit traveling, in one of our monthly School Of Sonship at The Wilderness Lodge in Bigfork MN. Be open to whatever God wants to do with you, and just trust Him. He got your back, and front, and sides lol.

“Spirit Traveling”. I know a lot of Christians don’t even believe we can do such things, or they think it’s witchcraft and of the devil. God is the ORIGINATOR, the devil is the imitator, get that right sons and daughters. Hopefully this can be a blessing to the ones who do believe, and are wanting to go places with and in God.

I like to break things down to a “level” that everyone can understand, but there are some times when I feel HOLY SPIRIT inspiring me to just through wild crazy stuff out there and let HIM do the explanations and the teaching to those who are REALLY looking for the TRUTH. I don’t want to dumb things down for people, or not talk about my crazy out of this world experiences with the LORD like I have done in the past. I want to share everything, even the crazy freaky stuff HOLY SPIRIT does that make no sense to the natural human mind.

I can only go beyond with GOD, past the limits of the “natural”. Who wants to go on up that road with US? Never looking back to the comfort of the “known and mediocre”.

I pray you stop testing the water, and just jump in head-on. The water is GOOD!

P.S. Plz let me know about your trips in GOD, Be blessed, much LOVE to you! 🙂