Experiential Knowledge vs Intellectual Knowledge

Published on August 17, 2016 by admin

This video is for anyone who wants to experience and know God in their everyday life. Most people if you ask them will tell you that they want to know God, so what’s the problem? Why are not people experiencing Jesus in their everyday lives? Could it be that we have been trained to believe that intellectual knowledge about God is the equivalent of actually experiencing in a real tangible way? Why are so many people so satisfied with just information about God, when they can actually know the GUY for real? Are we deceived?

What if the things they have taught you in churches and Christian TV are the very things that are making it hard for you to simply relate to and know God?

Why would God pursue after you in His love for you, and know that you wanna kick it with the Dude (HIM), would He make knowing Him a difficult thing?

Can intellectual knowledge about God get in the way of you knowing (experiencing) God?

Lets find out, my friend.

Please share this with anyone who wants and needs to know God for themselves, much love!