The Science Of Pain

The Science of PAIN

If you haven’t noticed yet, lots of people are hurting. Maybe you are hurting too, it’s okay to admit it. We live in a world where we are technologically connected, but live spiritually and emotionally disconnected from each other.

We’ve been brainwashed, conditioned to separate ourselves from others, to emotionally and mentally remove ourselves from other’s pain. We have been taught to create inner circles, boxes, dividing lines, and labels.

All because of fear. Fear of what? Fear of being human, fear of being kind, fear of loving others, because some genius out there made us believe that “love hurts”. Fear of opening up and letting the world see the real, because who wants to be vulnerable? Who wants to be judged? Who wants to be hurt? Nobody really.

But the truth of the matter is, the more we fear pain, the more we hurt. The more we keep our pain to ourselves and don’t expose it, the more that pain grows and controls our lives. The more we act like everything is cool, while we are dying in the inside, the more difficult we make our healing.

It’s so easy to be fake ass hell now days, it’s like most people are doing it because it’s like a cultural thing to do now. But there’s no real freedom in being fake, there’s no real freedom in fear of any form, there’s no freedom while our pain is our pain and our pain alone.

When your pain becomes my pain, and my pain becomes your pain, there will be freedom.

There’s a lot of folks trying to do things out of pity for others, or out guilt of some sort. But it is only through compassion which is born out of pure unconditional love, that we can make a real difference in the world.

To some, this might be just be just words, another blog, but if you care anything about yourself, your fam, this world, please do something about any and all kind of pain, and fears of pain in your life. And commit yourself to freedom, commit yourself to love, because love is freedom and freedom is love.

I don’t want to be poetic here, I just want this writing to help at least 1 person going through pain and fear decide that today is the day they will choose to be free. By first acknowledging, then exposing, and finally stripping that pain/fear of whatever power it was given.

Be yourself, be free.

I love y’all, peace!