The Humility to GROW

Many times, Life (God/Love) is a rainbow and we miss it, and can’t enjoy it/Him, because we’ve been programmed to see in terms of black or white.

We have all been programmed to see through these learned/inherited filters, and because we do not stop to question our filters, we in turn bombard each other with the projections of such filters.

Now with the many social media platforms, we can all be teachers, we can all be right, we can all voice out our opinions, we can all be judges of some sort.

But what if we were more interested in being students than teachers? More interested in being loving than being right? More passionate about listening to others than always being the ones being heard? More excited about being a compassionate friend than a self-righteous judge?

Why cant we all agree that what we all want is love? To love and to be loved.

Without the HUMILITY to be able to admit when we are wrong, or when someone else is right, and without the WISDOM to accept that life (God/Love) is not about right or wrong, but about experience, there can’t be no growth.

When we experience life/love/God (same thing), we are fulfilling our purpose. There is absolutely no point in us being in this planet without experiencing life/love/God.

The greatest miracles/things that I’ve seen in this life so far, are things that I can not explain. That a book, science or any person other than God, can’t explain. And I’ve grown to be fine with that..

Don’t be afraid to be wrong, or admit that you have no clue about certain things. And don’t be so quick to want to always be a teacher or a judge (your value and worth doesn’t come from what you do or how much influence or popularity you make think you have with others).

Be a child at heart, a student, a friend, a brother/sister first.

I write this as a brother, as a friend, and as a child learning/remembering love, that’s it.

Much love to you, peace!