Redefining “Mistakes” and “Pain”

I used to think that I could learn and grow in life by means of simple observation and by studying other people’s mistakes, and that somehow my relationship to and awakeness of Love (God) would act as a free pass for me to be exempt from experiencing pain. But that’s before I understood the value and purpose of experiencing pain and making mistakes.

We always tend to focus only on the “SUCCESS” and the “GLORY” of people and life, and have been conditioned to want to do away we the “process” and skip right to the “good parts” of the story. But if every person who ever succeeded at anything in life would be given the time and opportunity to recall all of their “failures” and “growing pains” on their way to success, I know those story would easily outweigh the ones of “effortless success”.

People who reshaped or sculpted their bodies thought dieting and exercise, most likely have a different relationship to and definition of physical pain than those who shy away from exercise because of “fear of pain” and discomfort. Those who made many “mistakes” on their way to success in any area, have a different understanding and appreciation of “mistakes” than those who never even tried, and played it safe because of “fear” of making a mistake.

What we must understand is that “pain” and “mistakes” are tools and because we have the freedom and ability of choice they are part of human life and necessary for growth and lasting success (whatever that is). And we have to also realize that we will experience pain and make mistakes regardless, so running away from or fearing mistakes and pain just makes our growth slower than it should be and it programs our subconscious to reject change and growth.

We can either live with the pain and mistake of living in the false “safety” of mediocrity, with mediocre lives, mediocre relationships, and mediocre success. Because we interpreted pain and mistakes as something always negative, and something to be avoided at all costs. Or we can dare ourselves to experience “momentary” growing pains, learn to admit our mistakes, and choose to learn and grow from them instead of fear them.

Some people will always define you by your past mistakes, and will be unable to see your growth even if it’s very evident, and proven in time. If they are stuck in their outdated perception of who they “think” you are, or the past mistakes they define you by.

But you must not let anybody define you, or put you in a box. Instead, use the pain and mistakes of the past as fuel and inspiration to keep on growing, keep on learning, and keep on loving. With wisdom and growth there will come times when you will be able to discern, and by means of experience choose the things that are right for you, and right for others, without having to experience unnecessary pain or making mistakes. Practice and learn to not fear pain and mistakes on your way to growing, in wisdom and love.

The next time you experience pain, or make a mistake, allow yourself the time to learn and grow from that pain, and that mistake. And if you do learn and grow, next time around you will not make the same mistake or experience the same pain. you will graduate to other things like love, patience, kindness, self control, and wisdom.

Much love to you! Peace! 💙😀