Every human being is MULTIDIMENSIONAL. We don’t need to dive into metaphysics or quantum mechanics to see that fact, we all exist in various planes of existence.

The same way that life can be lived and interpreted in many different ways, so can we interact and express ourselves in many different way.

There are many reasons why I don’t like labels, systems, religion, walls, and limitations. But I think it all boils down to fact that I believe all of those things only serve to limit, control, and stop our growth, potential, and  our love expression on this Earth.

Lots of people don’t understand others, God (love/life), and ultimately themselves, because they operate and see through a ONE-DIMENSIONAL perspective and attitude.

Those who have read my writings have an idea of me, those who have watched my videos might have a different idea of me, those who met me in person have an even greater concept of me, and those who are my friends in everyday life know me even better.

There are so many things that makes you who you are, so many aspects of you, so many layers of flavors of you, so many dimensions of what makes you, YOU. WHY WOULD YOU LIMIT YOURSELF to 1 or 2 expression???

I write from my perspective, and I understand that not everyone is gonna share or receive my perspective, and that’s completely cool with me.

But hopefully we can all agree on the fact that you’re an UNLIMITED MULTIDIMENSIONAL BAG OF AWESOMENESS, and you should not allow anything or anyone (including yourself), limit your growth, potential, and ways of expression in LOVE and FREEDOM.

Much LOVE  and PEACE to you!