How The Unusual Works

How The Unusual Works

I have a question for you. What would you rather experience: The outgoing operation of unusual, out of the norm, mind-blowing wonderful things without you necessarily mentally understanding how those mind-blowing things work? Or would you rather have a lot of mental concepts and insight about the operation of phenomenal things, to the point that you could even explain then, but without those amazing thing actually flowing through your life on a consistent basis?

It’s not an either or question, because I believe that to a degree we could live out both, the experience of the unusual, and the understanding of how the unusual works. But in my personal journey in the unusual, I find it that the more I’ve focused on trying to understanding how everything that’s phenomenal works, the harder it became to operate on a constant basis on those so called phenomenal things.

Maybe there are others that have found a way to understand all the mechanics of how spiritual things work, but I have not, yet hehe.. From what I currently understand, beyond the things that I already know and believe about Quantum mechanics, spiritual laws, and other things, the link that I see in everything that it’s a work, visible and invisible is LOVE.

Love, power, wisdom, and understanding all work together. I believe that there is an aspect and level of CHILDLIKE-NESS that has to be present in people, in order for them to be able walking in the experience of the unusual as a normal experience.

And within that CHILDLIKE-NESS, there is a level of enjoyment that supersedes the desire to always want to UNDERSTAND how everything works, before enjoying the unusual things that blows out minds.

Many times, we see kids simply enjoying things without questioning the very thing they are enjoying. While many of us are becoming more and more “ADULTS” and “WISER”, we leave behind our CHILDLIKE wonder and enjoying, and become in many ways waling, talking brains. Meaning, we allow must of our lives to be experienced, dictated, and interpreted my mainly our ADULT brains.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to see the reason, the common sense, and understanding of things and how they work. But what I’ve have come to know in my own journey, is that there are A LOT of things that we can not make reason or make reason of with just our ADULT brains.

Simply, because just like the brain is an instrument of the body that serves us in many wonderful ways, there are other instruments in human beings, that serve us many wonderful ways. Instruments such as: the human heart, soul, spirit, consciousness etc. Those things also play an important part of our lives, and they all have important purposes in human beings, but because we’re so conditioned to live out life mainly through our brains, we constantly LIMIT our self and we COULD experience because of that.

I have many examples of times when I experience something unusual in my life and the lives of others, and I had no clue whatsoever how that unusual thing was happening, but I’ll leave you with 2 simple examples.

A couple of years ago, I was speaking at church with my friend Eric, and many wonderful things “unusual” things were happening, as we spoke and after, such as healings, knowing personal things about strangers, and other cool things.

While we were having a Q&A, a lady brought up her 7 or 8 year old daughter who suffered from intense migraines, and was experiencing a lot of pain at that moment, and asked me if I could cure her kid. When I saw the little girl, I just FELT an intense desire to play patty cake with her, and so I did lol.

And as soon as I began, her mother bursted into tears, and exclaimed “Oh my God! She loves to play patty cake!”, but the cool things was that after a minute of playing, the little girl began to say that all of her pain in her head left, and was feeling wonderful.

A little after that, another lady that was unknown to me came to me with a couple of her friends. And asked me to speak to them about their past, or present and basically put me on the spot because I was getting ready to leave the place. From all of the ladies of the group, there was one who I saw, and just felt this again “intense” desire to dance with, and so I just bragged her and began to dance the waltz with her, and immediately she began crying.

Right after that, I got all of this information about her being recently retired, and how she was in many ways acting like she was retiring from life itself, and how the DIVINE loved her and did not want her to retire from life, but to enjoying life, like she enjoyed dancing. Then she turned to one of her friends and with tears in her eyes yelled “how does he knows I am a retired professional dancer!?” And her friends came and asked me the same thing, and the truth is that I HAVE NO IDEA HOW, but I just know IT WORKS.

Look, I believe we are ALL ONE and are connected, so knowing secret things about other people its not hard. I believe in Quantum mechanics, I love the Science that it’s explaining a lot of the stuff we couldn’t find words to explain years back. I love those who speak about spiritual laws of the universe. I believe in the power of the human mind to create and perform “miracles”. I understand the placebo effect, and the power of suggestion and brainwashing. BUT there just A LOT of things we just still don’t understand, and maybe there are meant to be translated by the brain ALONE, but the Spirit, soul, and HEART.

As you grow in your experience of the unusual, don’t ever loose that wonderful CHILDLIKE wonder, enjoyment, and love. And if as an adult you think that some how you’ve already some or lots of that CHILDLIKE-NESS, simply take time everyday to connect/reconnect and fall in LOVE with that CHILD IN YOU, you’re beautiful!

Much love and unusual weird wonderful things to you!